New Vehicle Finance Rates
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Platinum Protection
Coverage Term $50 Deductible $0 Deductible
3/50000 $1250 $1400
4/65000 $1275 $1425
5/60000 $1300 $1450
6/75000 $1350 $1500
6/100000 $1550 $1700
7/75000 $1425 $1575
7/100000 $1650 $1800
8/125000 N/A $2087


Gold Protection
Coverage Term $50 Deductible $0 Deductible
3/80000 $1250 $1400
5/60000 $1250 $1400
5/80000 $1300 $1450
5/100000 $1400 $1550
6/75000 $1325 $1475
6/100000 $1425 $1575
7/75000 $1375 $1525
7/100000 $1425 $1675
8/125000 $2295 $2495


 Powertrain Protection

Coverage Term $50 Deductible $0 Deductible
6/100000 $925 $975

GAP Protection

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, your auto insurance company may not cover the amount needed to pay off your finance or lease contract. Auto Insurance companies will generally pay the marlket value of the vehicle, minus the auto insurance deductible (if applicable).

So who pays the remainder? You do, unless you have Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP).

GAP is designed to protect you from an unexpected financial obligation if your vehicle is declared a total loss from causes such as theft, accident, fire, or flood.

The GAP program will pay the difference between your vehicles market value and the balance on your finance or lease contract including up to $1,000 of your auto insurance deductible (if applicable) in most cases.

How GAP Works
(for illustrative purposes only)

Finance or lease contract payoff amount $23,000
Minus Total auto Insurance settlement -$20,000
Plus auto insurance deductible $1,000
Total out-of-pocket expense $4,000
Minus GAP payment -$4,000
Total owed to financial institution to pay off finance or lease contract $0

GAP is available only at the time of vehicle purchase or lease. The price of your GAP coverage will be agreed upon by you and your Metro Toyota.

Auto Care Premium
Auto Care Premium Benefits Include:
--At Each Interval: Engine oil and filter change, tire rotation, 19 point inspection, lubrication of key chassis parts.
 --Toyota’s recommended maintenance log services referenced in the Scheduled Maintenance Guide; however, those items listed under “Special Operating Conditions” are not covered.
 --Full term, 24-hour roadside assistance: Towing for mechanical breakdown and collision recovery, lockout, fluid delivery, jumpstarts, flat tire changes.
 --Service reminder letters directing customer back to selling dealer.
--Complete computerized printout of all factory recommended services performed is provided at end of term.
--Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for more detailed coverage information. 


SP7 Premium Plan       5,000    2 Yrs/25,000         $440
SP8 Premium Plan       5,000    3 Yrs 40,000         $790
SP9 Premium Plan       5,000    4 Yrs/55,000         $995
SP ZERO* Premium Plan       7,500    2 Yrs/ 22,500         $335
*Before you decide to purchase rust protection from us, we encourage you to review the vehicle manufacturer's warranty with respect to corrosion or rust and the written policy statement of the vehicle manufacturer or distributor, if any, with respect to after manufacturer rustproofing. Such warranty and statements, if any, are available for your review prior to your signing any agreement. Ask your salesperson for copies.