Toyota is known for having many best selling vehicles. That's because the automaker has a reputation for building high-quality vehicles with features that Kalamazoo drivers want. Some of the top sellers in the automaker's line-up from its trucks and SUVs. So why are Toyota trucks and SUVs selling so well? Here's a look at those vehicles' appeal.

They last longer

Toyota vehicles are built to a higher standard. Because of that, you will commonly find Toyota trucks and SUVs with well over 100,000 miles still on the road. Long-lasting vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner off-road SUV can easily last for more than 10 years with proper maintenance. Because many truck owners rely on their vehicles for business, there are more and more Toyota trucks being sold versus the competition.

They have better resale value

Every Toyota on our lot is built with quality in mind. If you buy a Toyota truck or SUV, you may be able to get a higher resale value for your vehicle. That one fact alone makes buying a Toyota truck or SUV more enticing.

They have many top features

Toyota trucks and SUVs are built with comfort and capability in mind. That's why you will find many convenience and tech features in all of these Toyota vehicles. In fact, the base model of all Toyota trucks and SUVs tend to have more standard features than the competition. This makes new Toyota vehicles an overall top value.

They look good

Finally, Toyota trucks and SUVs are designed to look good on the roads of Kalamazoo. This is to guarantee that the vehicle will still look fresh after four or five years of ownership. This is yet another reason why people will buy and drive their Toyota SUV or truck for a long time.

If you would like to test drive a brand new Toyota truck or SUV, please visit Metro Toyota. Be sure to ask about any available purchase or lease deals.

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