Metro Toyota knows how frustrating it can be to wake up to a dead car battery. Car batteries aren't designed to last forever, and they will need to be replaced at some point. Learning how to recognize a few warning signs could keep you from being stranded in the Portage, MI area.

The Signs of a Bad Battery

Batteries are a complex assembly of cells, fluids, and chemical elements that work together to create electricity. Over time these elements break down. The first sign of a bad battery is often the inability to hold a charge. This is especially true overnight. Your battery may have been fine when you parked your Toyota last evening, but it won't start this morning. The battery is not retaining enough cold cranking amps to start the car.

Another sign could be the expiration of your battery's warranty or lifespan. A 60-month battery is designed to last for exactly that. In fact, most car batteries never even make it to the full length of life for which they were designed. If your warranty date has passed, the battery could be bad.

Finally, a bad battery could be the problem if you find that your car is sluggish to start. The battery may drag before it turns over. In this case, you need to be sure that the problem is not the alternator. That is an entirely different issue.

Have Your Battery Checked Near Portage, MI

At our service center here at Metro Toyota, we are happy to check the battery on your Toyota or other model of vehicle. In most cases we can let you know in just a few minutes if your car battery is bad. We can also suggest a suitable replacement on the spot. Schedule your battery service today!

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