Service Your Car at Our Toyota Dealership Near Portage, MI

Is your car, truck, or SUV ready for service? Bring it to our Toyota dealership near Portage, MI. Here are some services we efficiently provide on any make or model you bring us:

Oil & Filter Change

The best way to keep your car running in top condition is by punctually changing the oil and filter out when it is due. At Metro Toyota, we'll have your car's lube service done before you finish your complimentary beverage.

Brake Service

Stopping is important. Let us service and inspect your braking system to keep you in control while driving.

Full Inspection

Are you planning a long road trip? It's a good idea to have a full inspection done before setting out on an adventure. We'll give you a detailed list of all necessary repairs to keep your car functioning smoothly all the way to your destination.

Tires & Rotations

Rotating your tires every few thousand miles will increase the life and prevent suspension and steering problems.

Ask our parts department to give you a list of all available tire models for tire replacement, and we'll get your vehicle fitted with some shiny new tires that provide excellent traction.

Air & Cabin Filter Replacement

Your air and cabin filters should be replaced about every 20 thousand miles (or less) for a healthy engine and easy breathing while behind the wheel.

We Service All Makes & Models

Our highly-trained technicians have what it takes to service any vehicle you bring us. We'll get your car in and out of the shop faster than any other shop in Portage, MI.

Schedule Your Appointment Online Today

Your service is just a click away when you schedule online. Pick a time slot convenient for you, and feel free to contact us with any questions specific to your service. We look forward to meeting you!

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