If you've recently purchased a new or late-model Toyota, your vehicle is likely equipped with Toyota's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Continue reading this blog to learn more about what to do when your TPMS turns on and when to visit our service center.

Why Your TPMS Turns On

When you're driving around Kalamazoo, you may see an indicator light for the TPMS appear in the instrument display. If this happens, you will also see an accompanying TPMS warning message appear in the Multi-Information Display.

If this indicator light remains on as you're driving around, then that means that your Toyota's TPMS detects seriously low tire pressure in at least one of your tires. This warning can be triggered by several things, such as harmless reasons like rotating tires, switching tire sizes, and changing tire pressures. But your TPMS being triggered may mean that you could have a slow leak or another serious problem on your hands.

What to Do When Your TPMS is Triggered

If your TPMS is triggered, you should pull over to the nearest place where a tire air pump is available, such as a gas station. Check all your tires to find the one(s) that need air and fill according to your vehicle's requirements.

It's important to note that you should not rely solely on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in order to gauge your tires' health. Since the TPMS alerts you when your tire pressure is critically low, you should take steps to avoid this warning at all. Inspect your tires regularly to ensure that they have enough air and are undamaged.

Resetting Your TPMS

To reset your Toyota's TPMS, make sure that your tires are filled with the right amount of air. Next, turn your engine on and press the reset button, which is usually found low and to the right of the steering wheel. Then, you can hold down the button until the TPMS indicator light slowly blinks three times. After that, wait for several minutes with the engine running, then turn the engine off.

Visit Metro Toyota's Service Station

If the light comes on and blinks when you start the car, something in your Toyota may not work properly. If that's the case, come down to Metro Toyota's service center to get an inspection.

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