Detail & Ceramic Coatings

Value Package – $519

Exterior Hand Wash – Includes door jambs, wheel wells, wheels and tires. One-Step Buff. One Stage Polish – Removes light oxidation or imperfections and reduces the appearance of scratches. Complete Interior Cleaning. Vinyl Protection. Ceramic Protective Spray. Clean Tires and Rims. Complimentary Loaner Vehicle.

Metro Package – $799

Everything on Value Package. Two-Step Buff. Two-Stage Compound – Removes heavy scratches & oxidation. Light Scratch Removal. Interior Detail and Conditioning – Includes vinyl, leather and fabric surface sealant. Engine Bay Cleaning and Dressing. Complimentary Loaner Vehicle.

Titan Package – $1,299

Everything on Metro Package. Complete Paint Correction – Combines wet sanding with a compound to remove heavy scratches for showroom quality condition. Paint Decontamination – Includes tar, sap, road paint, and trail dust removal. Graphine Sealant and Protection. Deep. Interior Shampoo & Condition. Ceramic Protective Spray. Engine Bay Cleaning, Conditioning & Dressing. Complimentary Loaner Vehicle.

Basic Wash & Vac – $199

Includes exterior hand wash with Graphene Infused detail Spray, interior vacuum and clean windows, clean wheels and tires. Loaner vehicle NOT included.

Additional services available upon request. Prices do not include tax and shop supplies.


Enjoy that New-Car Feeling all Year Long, with Expert Detailing Services at Metro Toyota. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping inside a new vehicle that’s clean, polished, and dust-free. Thanks to the professional automotive detailing center at Metro Toyota of Kalamazoo, now you can enjoy that feeling anytime you want, and you don’t have to buy a brand-new vehicle to get it.


Add-On Services

Diamon-Fusion Installation – Starting at $195

Untreated windshield glass is not smooth and when viewed microscopically, you can see peaks and valleys on the surface. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sand paper. With Diamon-Fusion protective coating, there are less peaks and valleys to catch road debris, distort vision and create glare. The glass becomes much smoother, resulting in a cleaner and safer windshield. Diamon-Fusion can be easily applied on automotive windshields. The chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and resistant to weathering.

GT Quartz Nano Ceramic Coatings – Starting at $3,995

Ceramic Paint Protection: An automotive sealant that bonds with the factory finish. Protects the paint against rain, water spotting, tree sap, insects, bird waste, fallout & road road paint. Prevents fading, loss of gloss and chalking. Protects headlight lenses, black trim & moldings from fading, alloy wheels from brake dust, pitting & corrosion. 7-year repair warranty.

Interior Protection: Protective coating applied to seats, carpets, mats, trim panels and dashes. Protects against stains from food, beverages, bleaches & dyes, inks, crayons. makeup, etc. Protects vinyl/leather from staining, fading or discoloring. Protective coating applied to seats, carpets, mats, trim panels, dashes, sun visors and headliners. Warranty protection that covers fabric, leather or vinyl of the seats, upholstery, center console or carpet. Accidental rips and tears up to 6 inches long. Burns and punctures up to 1 inch in diameter.

Why Should I Detail My Toyota?

Think of a detailing service appointment as a deep clean for your vehicle, inside and out. During a detailing appointment at our dealership near Paw Paw, MI, our team will scrub every inch of your vehicle, from the wheels to the dashboard, bringing it back to the like-new appearance you love.

We recommend getting your vehicle detailed anytime you want a fresh and clean car, but especially at the switch over of seasons, such as winter to spring. Our team will wash the road salt and grime from the outside of your vehicle, helping to prevent rust buildup, and we will shampoo your carpets and upholstery, rinsing away any residue of muddy and slushy days.

How Can I Tell When My Toyota Needs to Be Detailed?

If you’re not sure when to schedule your next detailing appointment here in the Battle Creek area, our expert team can help. We use the latest tools and technologies to look over every vehicle that comes our way, and we can recommend the services you need, and keep you to a regular schedule, so your vehicle is always in tiptop, like-new condition.

As Good as the Day You Brought it Home – Schedule Your Detailing Appointment Today

Discover everything a freshly detailed vehicle adds to your daily Three Rivers, MI and Portage, MI drives. We encourage you to schedule your next appointment with our team soon and let us impress you with our expertise and the care we show every inch of your vehicle. We look forward to helping you keep your Toyota in pristine condition for as long as you drive it.



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