Motorists Should Prioritize Car Care During the Fall Season. Here’s Why.

October 4th, 2022 by

When temperatures start to drop near Kalamazoo, it’s time to start prioritizing your Toyota vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. Fall and Winter months can be brutal on your vehicle, and you don’t want to have a breakdown during the cold, harsh winter weather that’s soon to come. So, before the cold sets in, you should check in with Metro Toyota. Here are a few areas to consider for your vehicle’s quality care.

Tires & Brakes

Some of the most common problems that motorists near Battle Creek and Portage, MI will face this Fall and Winter will have to do with your vehicle’s tires and brakes. Be sure to schedule a service appointment with Metro Toyota for the following check-ups.

  • Make sure that brake pads aren’t worn down or damaged.
  • Monitor your tire pressure so that they don’t wear down too quickly.
  • Check your tire tread depth for damage or excessive wear and tear.

Filter Checks

Your fuel, oil, and air filters need to be checked regularly as part of your Toyota maintenance schedule. However, some motorists forget to do it. During the colder months, especially near Paw Paw, these filters work even harder, so it’s important to have them checked. You can exercise some preventative maintenance by:

  • Check the fuel, air, and oil filters and see if you’re up to date on scheduled maintenance.
  • Change your oil to a winter weight oil to reduce wear and tear on your engine.
  • Stocking up on your vehicle’s filters just in case you can’t go out during the colder months.

System Checks – Charging, Cooling & Exhaust

Your Toyota vehicle operates best when its systems are functioning normally. Our service center technicians are experts at Toyota vehicle system. So, you should bring your Toyota into our service center near Three Rivers, MI to have everything checked before the Fall and Winter months set in. We can:

  • Flush out and clean your cooling system.
  • Check your battery, alternator, ad electrical system before Winter.
  • Check the exhaust system for carbon monoxide leaks.

Book Your Fall Service Appointment

Winters near Kalamazoo can be tough on your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to contact our service center at Metro Toyota to make sure you don’t get stranded when it’s cold outside. Our service center team can thoroughly inspect your vehicle and make sure that any preventative maintenance is handled quickly and efficiently. So, contact us today to book your service appointment.

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